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Compressor oil Suniso 4 GS
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Specification of Compressor oil Suniso 4 GS

Compressor Suniso Oil

Mitra Success Aircon

We sell various kinds of compressor oil for air conditioning use with various types and brands. Among the Suniso brands.

Compressor Oil in AC is a non-polar organic liquid and is usually used in machines to lubricate component parts inside the engine coolant, so that the components in the engine do not become thirsty or dry and also do not heat up quickly, the Compressor Oil itself works by reducing friction or component friction in the compressor, because it has a very low friction or friction value.
One of the properties of compressor oil:
- Has stability at temperature
- Having the ability to pressure
- Can prevent corrosion
- Not easily oxidized, high resistance to oxidation

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