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Compressor AC DAIKIN JT160G-P4Y1@K
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Specification of

DAIKIN AC Compressor JT160G-P4Y1 @ K

Mitra Sukses Aircon sells various kinds of ac compressors with various brands. Among the Daikin brands.

Sell ​​AC Daikin compressor

An AC compressor is a mechanical device whose task is to suck the refrigerant vapor from the evaporator. Then press it and compress it so that the temperature and pressure of the vapor are higher. The main task of the compressor is to maintain the pressure difference in the system. The compressors or press suction pumps have the function of flowing refrigerant throughout the cooling system. The working system is to change the pressure so that it moves from the high pressure side to the lower pressure side. The higher the temperature pumped the greater the energy released by the compressor.

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