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Mitra Sukses Aircon (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

Mitra Sucukses Aircon is a company engaged in AC compressor products. We are located on Jl. Hayam Wuruk, No. 127, Gd. LTC Glodok Lt. 1 Block B29 No. 3, West Jakarta. Our products are well-tested for quality and superiority that can be relied upon for your industry.


Kami Dari Mitra Sukses Aircon menjual Spare Parts Pendingin Ac dan Chiller Yang Berbentuk Compressor Dengan Stock Berbagai Merk Sebagai Berikut :

1. Comperssor : Copeland ,Panasonic ,Mitsubishi, Tecumseh ,Bristol ,Bitzer ,Danfoss ,Sanyo ,LG ,Daikin ,Kulthorn ,DLL

2. Freon Ac : R22 Refrigerant ,R22 Dupont Shanghai ,R22 Dupont USA ,R22 Genetron ,R11 ,R410A Refrigerant ,R410A Dupont Suva ,R410A Dupont Sanghai ,R410A Genetron ,R134A Refrigerant ,R134A Dupont Sanghai ,R134A Dupont USA ,R134A Genetron ,R404A Refrigerant ,R404A Genetron ,R404A Dupont USA ,R407C Refrigerant ,R407C Dupont Suva ,R407C Genetron ,R417A Refrigerant ,R417A Dupont Suva ,R502A Refrigerant ,R438A Dupont Suva ,DLL

3. Maupun Unit Ac,Service Dan Pemasangan (AC Cassette,Split,Split Duck,Floor Standing,Celling,Air Curten,Dan Compressor)Dengan Berbagai Merk Sbb: (PANASONIC ,DAIKIN ,LG ,SAMSUNG ,SHARP ,THOSHIBA ,GREE ,CHANGHONG ,DLL)


Jl. Hayam Wuruk, No. 127, Gd. LTC Glodok Lt. 1 Blok B21 No. 2, Jakarta Barat Jakarta Barat
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia


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